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Easton Energy Group is run by volunteers, although we sometimes offer paid work for specific projects. If you would like to help run the organisation and help shape its future, please get in touch with us.

This winter we will be undertaking more CHEESE surveys – if you are interested in learning about thermal imagery or seeing where your home needs insulating or draught proofing, this is a perfect opportunity.

We can always use some help in the following roles, but if you have any of your own ideas you would like to talk to us about please contact us as well.


Helping respond to emails, update the website, put together the newsletter or update our blog.

Content Development

Supporting Easton through information on grants, insulation, energy saving tips etc.

Finance Assistant

Helping our treasurer to manage the accounts.


Organising events for us to attend/host, volunteers to go along, games, activities. Liaising with publicity volunteer to promote. Contact local community leaders/different sections of society to develop projects.

Funding/Business Opportunities

Researching and writing funding bids, looking for business opportunities and getting the info we need to develop the organisation.

Business Planning

Helping to develop the business plan for the next few years.

Community Energy Advisor Programme

Help develop the workshops and materials for the CEA programme, and/or become an advisor!