May events at the Show Home

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Do you remember this image we shared a while back? BuyerarchyOfNeeds

It’s Sarah Lazarovic’s Buyerarchy of Needs. A reminder to work up the pyramid, if you can. We’re trying to make it easier to Borrow tools if you need them, Swap clothes and other stuff, and Make: crafty Tuesdays with Knit and Natter, and for the first time, a workshop with lovely, local Bare-All Skin Care on Tuesday, the 24th of May at 7:30 pm.

This May we continue to bring you your weekly doses of Knit and Natter on Tuesday mornings and Digging in the Dirt Thursday mornings, and more. If you’ve been inspired by the warm weather and done some spring cleaning, now is the time to swap out the old. We’ve got another Clothes Swap on Thursday, the 19th of May at 7:30 pm.


Our first members meeting of the year will be on Thursday the 26th of May. We’ll start off at the Show Home, and continue on bicycles for a short tour of Easton to look at energy efficient buildings. If you haven’t got a bicycle, let us know and we may be able to organise one for you. Looking forward to seeing you soon.