HEAT project

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This project is an ambitious pilot to offer the services of draught-proofing and other “easy” fixes around the home to save energy to the residents of Easton and Lawrence Hill. Our plan is to create a sliding scale for residents interested in this service. We have gained funding to be able to offer the cost of this service and materials for those most “fuel poor”. We would like to create a tool library in conjunction with this project to facilitate residents’ ability to undertake home improvement projects. Sharing the tools, ideas and methods for sustainable projects around the home will improve energy affordability and increase social cohesion in the community. As a method of transportation for the draught-proofing, we will be purchasing a cargo bike. This method of transportation will be more carbon-friendly, as well as promote sustainable, active transport to those benefitting from our scheme. We will also be able to use it for our other events and projects.

The project aims to:

  • Train volunteers and householders in basic energy saving measures such as draught proofing
  • Install draught proofing measures in 50 homes over 2015
  • Pilot an ongoing service for Easton residents
  • Create a tool library for residents to rent tools
  • Increase householder comfort
  • Reduce risk of fuel poverty
  • Reduce carbon emissions

The project will start as soon as possible in 2015 with recruitment and training of volunteers and promotion to householders. It is important to get as many people signed up while the weather is still (relatively) cold and February is the time when people are fed up with winter, so an offer that can help them be warmer will be very welcome. Draught proofing activities will continue until March/April when the warmer weather will lead to a natural reduction interest.

At this point we will write up case studies of the draught proofing work and switch the focus to the tool library. Spring and summer are the times when people do home improvement works and it is the ideal time for people to build in draught proofing measures and do maintenance to sash windows. In addition, some residents may replace the tiles on their roof and this is an ideal moment to engage them on making sure their loft insulation is adequate.

As autumn approaches we will switch the focus back to draught proofing, continuing to deliver until the end of the project. We hope demand will be high enough and the level of contribution great enough to be able to continue to offer the service without additional support.

All residents of the area could benefit from this project. Whether people are home-owners, renters of private accommodation or in Council-housing, they could benefit from this scheme as it doesn’t require a high investment, and we would like to offer a sliding scale for the cost of our time.

This project has the potential to reach all members of the community. Children, people in and out of employment, life-long residents of Bristol as well as recent migrants from far afield can benefit from this scheme.

Through this project we will also initiate a bulk purchasing scheme for draught proofing materials or other insulation if there is demand. We are linked with a new software tool to help community groups deliver bulk purchasing, Community Energy Manager.

If you would like to offer your services and talents as a HEAT volunteer for this specific project. Please get in contact with us through eastonenergygroup@gmail.com