Have you seen Zoe? Bristol Green Capital legacy

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Zoe, a director of Easton Energy Group, is experiencing celebrity status as she appears across the city on billboards and bus shelters as part of Bristol Green Capital 2015 legacy programme.

“2015 began with a pledge to show what’s possible when people come together to make Bristol a better place. Energy, food, nature, transport and resources were earmarked as five key areas for special attention and, to help, the largest environmental fund of its kind awarded nearly £2 million to 187 projects throughout the city, introducing conversations about sustainability.”

Easton Energy Group received some funding to initiate projects `CHEESE` and `HEAT’. Although initiated in 2015 these projects are designed to progress through 2016 and beyond as we seek further funding and support to upscale.

A new CIC, the Green Capital Partnership will continue to connect groups and projects well beyond 2015.

“The Bristol Green Capital Partnership represents a new way of working by combining the work of many city players under one platform and this is now acknowledged as a vital approach to city development. It is only when a city combines the expertise of its world class academics with the motivation and creativity of its community organisations, and combines social enterprise with commercial models, that complex issues can be addressed.”

We look forward to working in partnership with the incredible range of community organisations and enterprises to keep the momentum behind 2015 going throughout 2016 and beyond.

Keep up to date on the partnership here

See if your house is on the Bristol heatview map. If not, request a survey by contacting us at at eastonenergygroup@gmail.com

Learn more about the importance of draught proofing and check out some video tutorials to get you on the way on our Energy Sparklers website.

Let us know if you spot Zoe adorning a corner of Bristol or beyond!