Easton Energy Group Launches Energy Saving Demonstrator Streets Competition with Bristol City Council

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Easton has a high number of hard-to-treat, solid walled houses and many residents have been unable to access any financial support for the measures that will make the biggest difference to their bills. The high upfront costs have proved a significant barrier to the uptake of these more expensive measures (i.e. solid wall insulation) across the UK, particularly in the privately rented sector.


Around a third of household heat is lost through solid walls

In February last year Easton Energy Group set itself the ambitious target of helping make Easton one of the most energy efficient areas of its type of housing stock in Bristol and the rest of the country.  The aim was to get one solid wall property insulated in Easton within a year and that in 5 years we would have 100’s.

Today, EEG can announce that Easton will have a show home with solid wall insulation and other energy efficiency measures installed and open to the public by the autumn.  This show home will provide a base for EEG to provide training and advice sessions thanks to Bristol City Council.

EEG are partnering with Bristol City Council to launch an exciting competition, offering up to 40 householders the chance to have external wall insulation installed on their home free of charge*. This should see nearly a whole street insulated before autumn and hopefully hundreds more homes in the next 5 years. In time, our aim of Easton being the most energy efficient area of Bristol could be achieved.

The Competition

Ahead of the full scheme launch in September, EEG and Bristol City Council have launched a competition for free external wall insulation for two individual properties and one whole street. The competition was launched on 1st June and will be open for a month for applicants to apply online using one of the links below.



EEG are able to help householders who do not have access to the internet or who are not confident using the internet with their applications. Information events are taking place at Easton Community Centre on Thursday 5th June, 2pm – 7pm and Tuesday 10th June 7pm-9pm.

The streets competition is for one street or a cluster of houses near each other to win free external wall insulation worth up to £6000*. The competition offers the first 250 entries a free Green Deal Assessment worth up to £150 on eligible streets (up to 1000 properties). This is a fantastic opportunity to have external wall insulation installed on properties at no cost to the resident*, making homes cheaper to heat and cosier to live in.

Competition winners are also asked to become community champions, helping others in the community to understand how they can benefit from the scheme. This could involve:

  • Allowing people to observe the work that has been carried out on your home from the pavement outside your property (interested parties may be sign-posted to your property).
  • Attending the official launch of the scheme (anticipated to take place in early September) and a number of smaller events in your locality (times and dates to be confirmed).
  • Share your experience of the installation at these events, highlighting the changes you have noticed as a result of the installation.
  • Participate in a short video about your installation and your experiences.
  • Consider opening your home for the Bristol Green Doors event in 2015.

Unfortunately only households who have been invited to enter are eligible for the competition. The properties invited to enter the competition have been chosen because they are unlikely to require planning permission which means installation can take place over the summer. Properties excluded from the competition will be able to benefit from the scheme being launched later this year (see more below).

Citywide energy efficiency scheme

Easton, one of three pilot areas in Bristol City Council’s Green Deal Communities scheme, will be at the forefront of testing and promoting the citywide retrofit scheme that will roll out across Bristol in the coming years. Both schemes will offer all the energy efficiency measures available through the Green Deal and will provide householders with the best access to any subsidies available to make these measures as affordable as possible.

All householders classified as owner-occupiers, private landlords or private tenants will be able to benefit from the scheme. In addition, we are hoping to be able to assist social housing tenants with the appropriate consents from their housing providers.

If you live in or know of someone who lives in a house on an eligible street, details below, please let them  know how they can enter.

We are holding a drop-in session at Easton Community Centre on Thursday 5th June from 2pm – 7pm and Tuesday 10th of June from 7pm – 9pm. Please do come along to find out more or you can read all about it on Bristol City Council’s website https://www.bristol.gov.uk/form/demonstrator-street-competition-form which is also where you can enter the competition online.

Best wishes

Easton Energy Group

*Subject to conditions. Follow this link for more details.

Planning restrictions

Houses with stone (Bristol/Bath)

Flat above a shop, front direct

Front directly onto a public pavement

Is a house split into multiple flats

Eligible Streets

Albert Parade

Alpine Road

Baptist Street

Barratt Street

Belton Road

Berwick Road

Carlton Park

Chapel Road

Church Avenue

Church Street

Clare Street

Claremont Street

Colston Road

Colston Road

Colwyn Road

Co-operation Road

Cowper Street

Devon Grove

Devon Road

Devon Road

Foster Street

Gable Road

Greenbank Avenue East

Greenbank Avenue West

Greenbank Road

Heron Road

High Street

Hinton Road

Johnsons Road

Lyppiatt Road

Mivart Street

Moorhill Street

Normanby Road

Roseberry Park

Seaton Road

Seymour Road

St Marks Road

Stepney Road

Stepney Walk

Thomson Road

Victoria parade

Walton Street

Woodbine Road

Woodborough Steet

Washington Avenue

Wood Street