Earth Champions Film

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What is an Earth Champion?
“These are individuals (of any age group) and organisations who dare to be different,  inventive and courageous. They are doing positive work for our environment and wellbeing, often without recognition or reward. They are nominated from within communities and through the programme, become recognised leaders and mentors in community programmes that bring people together, empower them and show them how to make change. ”

In November Nigel (our Energy Champions Representive) & Zoe were invited to be filmed and represent the Energy Sector, ‘bright sparks and alternatives’ section in the video. Demonstrating the generator in the show home, and standing proudly in front of the Warm up Bristol Eco Show home on Heron Road in Easton, we feel extremely grateful to be recognised for our hard work. The film was shown at the COP21 Forum in Paris.  

Earth Champions hope to expand the film in the future. Find us at 3minutes55seconds on the video!