CHEESE Volunteers

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We are looking for CHEESE Champions

Join us for the first training Session

7-9pm 16th January at the Show Home BS5 0LU 

What is Project CHEESE? (Cold Homes Energy Efficiency Survey Experts)

Project CHEESE is an exciting new project with Easton Energy Group, Ambition Lawrence Weston in partnership with Bristol Friends of the Earth and Bristol Energy Champions.

The project uses an innovative small piece of equipment that attaches to an iPhone, to take thermal images of houses. These thermal image pictures show very clearly where the heat is being lost from each home. With this information people will know exactly which energy saving measure will be most effective for their home. They will also gain a picture of how efficient their home is.

What will you be doing?

  • Finding residents who would interested in a further, more in depth study of their home.
  • Walking around Easton or Lawrence Weston in the early evening in a team taking the thermal images. This needs to be at night on a dry evening with little wind.
  • Undertaking surveys of homes

What will we do?

  • Provide training on the simple to use equipment
  • Give you an opportunity to use state of the art equipment as part of a warm friendly team.

Who would this role suit?

  • People who live in Easton or Lawrence Weston
  • People who like technology
  • People who like chatting to their neighbours
  • People who are interested in energy efficiency