CHEESE Training & Fondue night

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Join us at the Warm up Bristol Eco Show Home from 7:30pm.
56 Heron Road, BS5 0LU
CHEESE fondue 
Short presentation of CHEESE survey demonstrating thermal imaging and energy monitoring kit.
Explanation of energy efficiency measures and draught proofing available through EEG, council and other avenues.

Hands-on practical demo and installation of draught-proofing measures.


CHEESE external surveys training 
As the nights cool it will soon be the season for external thermal imaging surveys!
This involves using a `flir` imaging attachment on an iphone to capture thermal images of houses/buildings. These images are then  uploaded to `Heat View’, a website which allows residents to find a thermal image of their home. The images are visually impressive and act as a great engagement `hook`.
We will be re-surveying some streets in Easton where some houses have had external wall insulation, the cameras should reveal if it really is effective!
We will provide full training and refreshments. Hallowe`en fancy dress optional! 
Contact for more details on any of the events.