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We are a social enterprise which is based in Easton, we try to help local residents reduce energy use and assist people in fuel poverty find grants or other means to aid with their home energy costs. We are committed to taking community action against climate change and helping people reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprints. We recently worked with Bristol City Council on the Warm Up Bristol Project, we’ve been encouraging our community to consider different retrofit options for Victorian houses. In addition to that, we will be giving Energy Best Deal seminars to share information on how people can get the lowest rates or best offers available to them. We’re currently working with Clean Energy Prospector on the TWO Streets of Solar project.

Contact Us @ easton.energy.group@gmail.com

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& find us on facebook www.facebook.com/eastonenergygroup

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Nigel has been with the group for nearly five years, he works hard producing our events both locally and nationally. His position in the community and relationships with other community groups and businesses are hugely beneficial to Easton Energy Group, and allow us to spread the message more successfully. He enjoys getting stuck in with the fun side of energy education, and is great at reaching out to the community to get the importance of saving energy across in more of an exciting way.

Nigel has a background in both installing and selling Solar, this is where his passion for energy saving began. Combined with his sales background and great practical skills Nigel is keen to work on projects that are sustainable and resilient. Nigel brings a great energising buzz to the group.


David is a founding member of Easton Energy Group. He focuses all of his energies on developing community energy projects and is hugely passionate about ensuring everyone he meets knows the most about saving energy. He is project managDavider for CHEESE and is also involved in the Two Streets of Solar & the Owen Square Thermal Storage project.



Zoe has lived in Easton for 6 years, and began working with Easton Energy Group in 2012 as a volunteer. However since 2014, she has been working part time helping us to deliver the projects in Easton.

With nearly two decades of experience working in environmental science, a masters degree in Sustainable Resource Mzoeanagement,  her passion for making cycling more accessible and increasing sustainable transport choices,  Zoe is able to put her skills to good use with EEG.


Jo has lived in Easton for 3 – 4 years and was particularly attracted to the area by its diverse make-up of residents and liveliness’ of things happening!

As a geographer Jo has a deep fascination for how people interact with the environment. He believes that local action is best way of dealing with environmental degradation and bringing people together to foster a sense of community is the best way of getting people to care for their environment.joe

Jo has a background in community engagement, having worked in recycling and waste reduction (introducing Bristol residents to more recycling and smaller wheelie bins) as well as sustainable travel (facilitating ways of getting more people cycling and walking). Energy advice in some way completes the set of ingredients to living a sustainable lifestyle!

Jo started volunteering for us at the end of 2013 – helping out on the Less is More project.In 2015 he took on some work in coordination for CHEESE and the Owen Square Community Energy Project.

Jo is also involved in other causes like providing accommodation to refugees through Bristol Hospitality Network and providing food for homeless folk at The Wild Goose centre. Jo also has a great passion for cooking which he incorporates into energy advice!

Stuart Dormand is involved in sustainable housing and energy efficiency for over eight years, recently completing a BSc in Geography and Environmental Management at Bradford University.  He currently works within the local community for Holy Spokes, a bike

Stuart Dormand
Stuart Dormand

business which services, maintains, and repairs bikes with the addition of running workshops to empower and educate people in maintaining their own bikes. He also runs his own plastering business which specialises in sustainable materials and techniques, a valuable tool in building knowledge of the practical side of environmental housing techniques.